Shanghai Lidun Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a company with "TS special equipment manufacturing license" (special equipment license number: TS2731I17-2026) ISO9001 quality system certification, explosion-proof certificate of enterprise, the company is mainly engaged in HVAC system valves, electric valves, pneumatic valves, intelligent valves, water valves, chemical valves, metallurgical valves, marine valves, water supply and drainage system valves and fire valves production, sales and service, is committed to providing customers with a full set of pipeline valve solutions. The company's corporate strategy to build a strong brand as the core,The registered brand trademark is:""、"LiDun", "Valve shield" and "LIDUNFM" are used in parallel.

Lidun valve products cover electric control valves, electric two-way control valves, explosion-proof electric valves, dynamic balance valves, gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, hydraulic control valves and various special valves, with complete types and specifications. Widely used in oil, natural gas, chemical, electric power, shipbuilding, mining, water treatment, industrial systems and other fields. And get the majority of users recognition and praise.

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